The Harvesting History Heirloom Pot Maker – (Shipping Included)

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The Harvesting History Heirloom Pot Maker

Based on a centuries old design, the Harvesting History Potmakers are created by a local wood carving craftsman who makes these pot makers by turning ancient hardwood poles on his lathe. He carefully polishes each piece to remove any splinters and then lovingly oils each one. He designs them to last a lifetime and they do. Unlike many commercially available pot makers of similar, but not identical, design, the cylinders are exactly the right diameter to produce sturdy, long lasting, biodegradable pots. These pots represent the best of the recycling world. They are made from scrap paper, designed to be buried with the seedling and never damage the roots of a young plant. Unlike peat pots and tiny plastic pots, these little paper pots are recycled into the soil by Mother Nature.

Quantity Height Cylinder Diameter Base Diameter Overall Height
1-2 piece wooden pot maker 4″ 1 1/2″ 3″ 5″


The Harvesting History Heirloom Pot Maker

Take a 3 inch by 8 inch sheet of paper (use 2 sheets if using newspaper) and wrap around the wooden cylinder allowing at least 1 inch of paper at the bottom of the cylinder. Fold the paper at the bottom of the cylinder into the bottom of the cylinder, pressing firmly. Take the disk and press the disk into the bottom of the cylinder and twist until some frictional heat is created and the paper warms. Remove the paper pot from the cylinder, fill with soil and plant your seeds. Always plant at least 2 seeds per pot and remove the weakest seedlings after germination leaving 1 plant per pot.

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