About Harvesting History

Harvesting History was founded in 2016 to provide its customers with the finest quality horticultural and agricultural products available today including seeds, roots, bulbs, tubers, plants, garden tools and equipment, garden clothing, and garden-related books and art. Our horticultural and agricultural products are largely heirloom varieties that can be reliably offered to our customers year after year. Our tools and equipment are designs that have proven invaluable to gardeners for many, many generations. Wherever possible, we attempt to offer products Made in the USA.

The Company is a collaboration between experienced horticultural professionals and Page Seed, a 120 year old seed company located in Greene, New York. The combined knowledge of the Harvesting History team represents more than 500 years of horticultural and agricultural industry experience.

Our mission is to honor and practice the traditional business ethics that are the unique legacy of America’s oldest industry – Agriculture. Whenever possible we will try to answer your questions based on our own extensive knowledge and experience or we will try to direct you to reliable sources of information. Most importantly, we will tell you when we do not know the answer to your questions.

Our seed is packaged at the Page Seed facility in Greene, New York. Harvesting History maintains a facility in Upstate New York where we are primarily an internet horticulture company.

We believe that responsibly managed 21st century companies need frequent and consistent “face time” with their customers. Because of this belief, you will find a Harvesting History booth at many of the major flower shows and garden festivals throughout the United States.

Harvesting History has two objectives:
To provide our customers with excellent product at reasonable prices, and
To educate our gardeners about sustainable gardening practices.

We will harvest the best practices and varieties from our agricultural and horticultural past and present to seed a sustainable future for today’s and tomorrow’s gardeners.