Recommended for Warm Climates

Ajo Roja – A Creole Garlic, A Silverskin Subvariety

Great storer with intense raw heat. If heat is what you want, this is an excellent choice.

Mild French – A Silverskin Garlic

Neither mild, nor French. Developed for the mild Texas winters. If grown in the North, garlic becomes very hot. Stores well. If you live in the South, this is the garlic for you.

Burgundy – A Creole Garlic, A Silverskin Subvariety

Stunning cloves with excellent flavor, perhaps the most reliable of the Creoles. An outstanding garlic for garlic growers in the South and Southwest.

Bulbs with the Largest Cloves

Romanian Red – A Porcelain Garlic

Cloves are huge, only 4-5 per bulb. Considerable, long lasting heat. The best choice when size of clove matters most.

Red Toch – An Artichoke Garlic

Consistently produces large cloves with mild flavor. A great choice for a first time garlic grower.

Chesnok Red – A Standard Purple Striped Garlic

Of all the garlics offered, this is the most dependable. Huge cloves are wrapped in striking pinkish red skins. Flavor is excellent, but not too hot. Another great choice for the first time garlic grower.

Garlic that Stores Well

Nootka Rose – A Silverskin Garlic

A North American Native Garlic from the San Juan Islands off the coast of State of Washington. Stored properly will easily last 6 months or longer. Great flavor. Excellent choice if storage is critical. A Harvesting History favorite.

Inchelium Red – An Artichoke Garlic

Biggest bulbs you will ever see! Absolutely huge. Lasts 6-9 months. Cloves are medium sized with 8-20 cloves per bulb. Flavor is mild whether raw or cooked. Inchie, as we affectionately refer to this garlic, is probably the most popular heirloom garlic available today.

Khabar – A Marbled Purple Stripe Garlic

Despite the fact that this garlic is a hardneck, it stores quite well lasting about 6 months. The flavor is mild and creamy when cooked and has some mild heat when raw. If you live in Hardiness Zones 1-4, Khabar is an excellent choice.

Garlic with Outstanding Flavor

Asian Tempest – An Asiatic Garlic

With a name like Asian Tempest you would think this garlic was incredibly hot, but its claim to flavor fame is that it is incredibly sweet! It retains much of this sweet flavor when baked. If flavor is all you care about, this garlic is a great choice.

Metechi – A Marbled Purple Stripe Garlic

At Harvesting History, we frequently do tastings and this garlic ALWAYS wins the taste tests. We don’t know why, but we do know it is delicious. Raw, it has a fiery heat, but loses most of this when cooked.

Spanish Roja – A Rocambole Garlic

This garlic does not do well in mild winter climates. It is best grown in Hardiness Zones 1-5. Its well deserved claim to fame is that its flavor is the standard by which all garlic flavor is measured. If perfection is all that you desire, then put this garlic in your shopping cart now!

The 2018 Flower Shows!!

One of the oldest American traditions is the flower show. These events date back to the early 1800s. The Philadelphia Flower Show, one of the first, began in 1829. During the middle of the dreary, torturous winters of the 19th and 20th centuries, these events were held to remind people, in a beautiful way, that spring really was coming. Some shows were tiny, filling only a large room. Others were grand displays occupying the ballrooms of the largest buildings in the largest cities.

The exotic, gigantic, miniature, breathtakingly beautiful and absolutely bizarre were all on display. As the flower show became a much anticipated and much beloved community fixture, the element of competition was introduced and within the walls of the flower show arena, the truly exceptional horticultural skills of truly exceptional horticultural artists were respectfully celebrated.

Today only a few of these events remain and Harvesting History attends many of the East Coast shows. This email letter is devoted to providing you with a list of all the horticultural events we will be attending throughout 2018. We apologize to our West Coast friends because we are not big enough yet to be able to get to the wonderful West Coast shows. We hope to get there soon.

We hope you will support these shows with your attendance, and we would LOVE for you to come and visit our booths to say Hi! These horticultural events are the quintessential ‘Stop and Smell the Flowers’ activities. There are few activities in which you can engage during the doldrums of winter that will lift your spirits more.

The SUNY Cobleskill Fall
Lifestyle Farming Conference
SUNY Cobleskill
Cobleskill, NY
Saturday, November 10, 2018

It is the beginning of a new year! Come and visit with us at one of these extraordinary events. Breathe in the perfumed air from gardens of hyacinths and daffodils and tulips. Feast your eyes on the rainbows of color that erupt from the convention floor and harvest a bounty of ideas for your own garden. See you soon!

Celebrate your uniquely American horticultural heritage
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