Puschkinia, Libanotica


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PUSCHKINIA, Libanotica

Circa 1775. Pale bluish-white flowers with darker mid veins. HZ: 4-8 5” April

Puschkinia, Libanotica

Puschkinia, also known as “Striped Squill”, are closely related to both Scilla and Chionodoxa and they date back to the early 19th century. Puschkinia are named after Count Apollos Apollosovich Mussin-Pushkin, an 18th century Russian plant collector and chemist who led a plant discovery expedition to the Middle East during the late 1700’s where perhaps Puschkinias were discovered. The plants are native to the Middle East and the Caucasus. The 4-6” plants produce 1-10 tiny bluish-white star-shaped flowers in a raceme on a slender, erect stem. The plants are deer proof and good naturalizers. Plant 4” deep and 4” apart.

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