Marbled Purple Striped Garlic, Siberian – 4 oz

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Allium Sativum

FULL SUN Siberian is an exceptional garlic. With the exception of its alliin content, it does not excel in any one capability, but it performs well with regard to all factors associated with garlic’s great attributes. It is vigorous, it produces large bulbs with large cloves. It stores well. It is among the better tasting Purple Striped Garlics, and more than most hardnecks, it grows well in mild winter climates.
This garlic, as its name indicates, came from Siberia. Alaskan fishermen obtained the garlic while trading green leafy vegetables with subsistence farmers from eastern Siberia who diet consisted exclusively of root vegetables and animal protein. Siberian produces 5-7 cloves per bulb.

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Garlic, which is a member of the same group of plants as the onion, has been cultivated for millennia. As a cultivated plant, it is so old that it is difficult to credit a country of origin for this vegetable. All modern garlic belongs to one of two subspecies: hardneck (ophioscorodon) or softneck (sativum). Hardneck subspecies try to produce flower stalks with small aerial cloves called bulbils. Hardnecks will not produce large bulbs underground unless the flower stalks are removed. There are three varieties of hardneck garlic: Purple Striped, Porcelain and Rocambole. Softnecks have lost the ability, for the most part, to produce a flower stalk. However, under certain climatic situations, the bulbs may try to produce a flower stalk known as bolting. There are three varieties of softneck garlic: Artichoke, Silverskin and Creole.

The Striped Garlics, hardnecks, are so named because of the striking purple stripes and blotches on the clove skins and bulb wrappers. These are the most beautiful of all the garlic varieties and they also have outstanding flavor. Glazed Purple Striped varieties mature earlier than standard Striped varieties and are shinier. Both varieties have 8-12 cloves per bulb. Marbled Purple Stripe varieties have mottled bulb wrappers and large cloves, usually 4-7 cloves per bulb.

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