Aster, Crego Mix

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Aster, Crego Mix

The China Asters, including Aster Crego, will grow in full sun, but can also tolerate partial shade. They are best started indoors 4-6 weeks before the last frost. These plants can be started outdoors, but the flowering season will be much later. To germinate, the seeds need cool temperatures around 60 degrees. When transplanting to the outdoors give plants at least 18-24 inches separation. The plants do not perform well with high nitrogen fertilizers – so avoid these.

Type Spacing Planting Depth Days to Germination Blossoms
Annual 18-24 in. 1/2 in. 8-12 45-60

Aster, Crego Mix

Asters are native to many parts of the world especially the New World. They have been a cottage garden favorite for centuries because of their incredible colors and late summer and fall blooms. Thomas Jefferson loved the China aster varieties and cultivated many of them at Monticello. Breck noted in his 1851 book, The Flower Garden, that the original China Aster was known as The Double China Aster. According to Breck, within a few years, because of work by German florists, and others, the Double China Aster had been so improved “so that it is hardly to be recognized as the same flower as the old China Aster…”. Aster Crego, a China aster, a hardy annual, was introduced in 1916. Its large, 3-4 inch, white, pink, rose, crimson, lavender, blue or purple blossoms made it an instant favorite. This aster is grown as a cutting flower. The plants reach a maximum height of 30 inches and may need staking. The blossoms are fully double and as stated come in a range of bright colors. Aster Crego is one of only a few plants that can be counted on to give richly colorful displays at the end of summer and throughout the fall. The plants usually bloom for about 6 weeks.

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