The Flight 93 Memorial Park Exclusive Wildflower Mixture

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The Flight 93 Memorial Exclusive Wildflower Mixture –
$20 for 4 ounces

This wildflower mix was assembled using mostly native American plants with a special emphasis on the native plants of Pennsylvania (Virginia Wildrye, Bottlebrush Grass, Early Goldenrod, Oxeye Sunflower, Showy Ticktrefoil, etc.), Virginia (Slender Lespedeza, Purplehead Sneezeweed) and West Virginia (Browneyed Susan). There are also plants from Missouri and Minnesota. The 4 oz. package will cover a 10 foot by 10 foot area.

$20 for 2 ounces

Type Spacing Planting Depth Days to Germination Maturity
Wildflowerr Broadcast 1/2 in. Variable Variable

The Flight 93 Memorial Exclusive Wildflower Mixture

The Wildflower Mix that you have just received is a very special mix. The company from which Harvesting History purchases its wildflower seed is located near the site of the crash of Flight 93. When the Flight 93 Memorial Park was being planned, the company wanted to donate some of its seed for the memorial park. The Park’s architects asked if a unique wildflower mix could be developed. The purpose of the flowers grown from this mix would be to fill the air around the memorial with a soothing, inspiring fragrance.

The Flight 93 Memorial Park was constructed to memorialize all of the selfless Americans who gave their lives, who rescued the helpless, who provided care for the injured and who eventually joined our military branches to defend this great country from unimaginable evil. This Park celebrates life, and its wildflower garden is an extraordinary testament to the beauty, courage and patriotism that has always defined America and its people.

Planting Wildflower Seeds in the Fall for Glorious Spring and Summer Color

Planting wildflower seed is very easy. Prepare the ground where the wildflowers are to be planted by gently turning the soil and raking it even. Broadcast the seed over the area as you would with grass seed and then water it in. You do not have to cover the seed, but if you want you can rake the seeds into the surface of the soil.

If planting wildflower seed in the early spring, keep the ground moist until the seed has sprouted and grown to 2-3 inches.

If planting wildflower seed in the fall, water on the day the seed has been planted and then do not water any more until the seed has sprouted in the spring.

Most wildflower seed does better when planted in the fall so that it can experience a prolonged period of cold. If trying to plant wildflower seed in Hardiness Zones 8-10, refrigerate the seed for 6 weeks before planting.

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