Creole Garlic, Rose Du Lautrec – 4 oz

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Allium Sativum

FULL SUN Rose Du Lautrec is the legendary “Pink Garlic” of France. It has been grown for centuries in southwestern France where legend has it that a traveling merchant could not pay for his dinner and so offered to trade the rare, stunningly colored garlic. It is the clove wrappers that are pink, not the cloves themselves which are creamy white. This garlic is well known in France but very rare in the United States. The bulbs produce 8-10 cloves and have good flavor.

NEW! Creole Garlic, Rose Du Lautrec

Garlic, which is a member of the same group of plants as the onion, has been cultivated for millennia. As a cultivated plant, it is so old that it is difficult to credit a country of origin for this vegetable. All modern garlic belongs to one of two subspecies: hardneck (ophioscorodon) or softneck (sativum). Hardneck subspecies try to produce flower stalks with small aerial cloves called bulbils.

Hardnecks will not produce large bulbs underground unless the flower stalks are removed. There are three varieties of hardneck garlic: Purple Striped, Porcelain and Rocambole. Softnecks have lost the ability, for the most part, to produce a flower stalk. However, under certain climatic situations, the bulbs may try to produce a flower stalk known as bolting. There are three varieties of softneck garlic: Artichoke, Silverskin and Creole.

Creoles, a Silverskin subvariety, have purple cloves and beautiful bulbs. Sometimes called “Mexican Purple” garlic, unlike other garlics, these varieties prefer a mild winter climate. Sweet tasting and long-lasting.

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