Lily, Bella Donna

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LILY, Bella Donna

Unlike their very popular, spring blooming, hothouse cousins, these cyclamen produce interesting, mottled, low-growing leaves throughout the summer and then in the fall burst into bloom with dainty, pink, white, magenta or lavender recurved blossoms. They are a real treat in the late summer to autumn garden. HZ: 4-10 3” – 4”

Lily, Bella Donna Lilies

Fall Blooming Bulbs are a rare garden treat. Most emerge in the spring with no blossoms but some foliage which then dies back by early summer. In late summer or early fall the opulent blossoms emerge on single or multiple stems and blanket the weary fall garden with dazzling colors of rose pink, sunshine yellow, deepest purple, lavender and white.

There are 2 plants that are considered Hardy Amaryllis: Amaryllis Belladonna and Lycoris Squamigera. Belladonna has larger blossoms produced on pinkish brown stems. Squamigera has slightly smaller, similarly colored blooms produced on green stems. Squamigera is much, much hardier. It is able to survive in Hardiness Zone 4 while Belladonna is hardy to Zone 7.

The bulbs offered by Harvesting History are Lycoris squamigera. This plant is native to Japan and China and is the hardiest of the Lycoris. It should be planted in late summer to early fall for a mid to late fall bloom.

Plant each bulb 6 in. deep and 8-10 in. apart.

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