Hyacinthus orientalis, Jan Bos

Jan Bos hyacinth
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Circa 1910. Red. HZ: 4-8 8-12” April

Hyacinthus orientalis, Jan Bos

Native to the Mediterranean region, Hyacinthus orientalis had been a favorite of the Greeks for many centuries. The blossoms were used by Greek bridesmaids as headdresses and Homer described the plant in the Iliad. The plant was introduced into Europe in 1560 where it gained popularity because of its intense fragrance. The Elizabethans, always the contrarians, found the fragrance to be depressing, but with others, the Hyacinth continued to grow in popularity and by 1613 double forms of the pink, white and blue varieties had been developed.

By 1730, there were 2000 Hyacinths in cultivation in Europe.

Hyacinths are very easy to grow. They prefer fertile soil, ample water and filtered sunlight. Often the flower stem must be supported, but little else is required. The plants are normally deer proof and most are good for forcing. Plant 6” deep and 6” apart.

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