Erythronium Tuoluminense Pagoda


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Erythronium Tuoluminense Pagoda

The elegant little lily-like, yellow flowers resemble upturned fairy caps borne on slender stems above the striking foliage. PLANT IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIPT. HZ: 4-8 12-14” April/May


Erythronium Tuoluminense Pagoda

Erythronium is also known as the Dogtooth Violet and the Trout Lily. It is probablynative to the Middle East/the Caucasus, but it was known in European gardensas far back as 1596 and has been grown in the United States for centuries. The plant is a member of the Lily family grown as much for its beautiful, oval leaves with blotches of red and brown as for its dainty flower. The plants prefer rich, moist soil and light shade. They are deer proof.

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