Allium, Stipitatum White Giant

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ALLIUM, Stipitatum White Giant

Blossoms form bell-shaped flowers and grow to 36″. These spectacular beauties are not only breathtaking but they are deer resistant. HZ: 4-10 36” May/June.

Allium, Stipitatum White Giant

Allium siculum bulgaricum, besides having a name that is difficult to pronounce, is also one of the rarest of alliums. It has only been offered to the public for the past 3-4 years. This allium’s classification is often Nectaroscordum and it is frequently called Allium siculum or Allium bulgaricum. Another scientific designation is A. dioscoridis.

Allium siculum bulgaricum is native to southern France and Italy and was introduced to the public in 1873. This allium requires full sun but requires little moisture during the summer months.

This extraordinary plant produces 30-inch tall stems from which droop (in an umbrella-like fashion) an assemblage of fragile-looking, wiry stems. Near the end of each wiry stem are clusters of bell-shaped florets flushed in purple and edged in white. As the plant emerges from the soil, it produces low, strappy foliage which browns out early.

This plant must be planted in clusters – 10 bulbs or more is the ideal number. The bulbs should be planted 6-8 inches deep and 8 inches apart in well-drained soil that dries out during the summer. Make sure to amend the soil with at least ½ cup of bone meal.

Allium siculum bulgaricum is for those people who desire to display the rare and unique in their garden. It is not as showy as Schubertii or Karativiense. It attractiveness comes from the fact that you simply have never seen anything like this allium.

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